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When you have partnered with a client for 17 years, you have to continually evolve the kind of work you deliver to meet the changing goals of their business. Hill Aevium has proactively met the evolving needs of Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. And we’ve helped them meet and at times exceed their marketing goals at every step along the journey.

As we’ve grown the relationship with GHS, we’ve also grown the story we tell about this amazing place that attracts thousands of visitors each year. We’ve told the story of the history of the hot springs. We’ve talked about the many options for fun activities and relaxation available at the resort. We’ve helped them launch a new business (the luxurious Spa of the Rockies) and then helped to make that business flourish. We’ve helped them celebrate a 125-year anniversary with a year of events, parties, and growth-oriented festivities. We’ve even helped them communicate with their customers about important changes, like the major I-70/Hwy 82 bridge construction project that happened right at their doorstep. When we partner with our clients, we invest in their success and celebrate their growth.


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The one thing most Colorado destinations have in common is outdoor recreation. The list of the “-ings” to do is almost always some combination of biking, hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, golfing, climbing, etc. With so many beautiful and compelling places to visit in Colorado, focusing on the “what to do” in Grand Junction is less likely to win market share than answering a more differentiating question: Why Grand Junction?

The “Dramatically Different” campaign answered that question and created some impressive results. First, our team leveraged three years of research data to drive quality impressions and higher conversions with online media, resulting in a substantial increase in Grand Junction’s website traffic. With more web traffic came more interest in the completely redesigned Visitor’s Guide and we saw a 35% increase in downloads. Ultimately, the most important achievement was an increase of 10.5% in lodging tax collections that exceeded our client’s goal for the year. 


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Fully integrated Media Planning & Placement
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Most people know Golden, Colorado as the home of Coors Brewery, but once they actually visit the town, it's hard not to fall in love with the place for so many other reasons. That's the challenge for Golden: staying top-of-mind as a place to visit for a day destination and attracting repeat visitation from Denver and other nearby cities. Although visitors may come to Golden to play on the trails and in the hills, our research told us they were not necessarily coming back into town to round out their day with a coffee, lunch, dinner, or beer. Golden wasn't getting enough visitor spending in the town.

Our campaign for Visit Golden aims to share insider information with our target to encourage them to expand their 2-hour visit to an entire day. We learned where the locals go after their outdoor fun and created a campaign highlighting activities in town that round out a great day. We call these the "Golden Rules." It's energetic, it's engaging, and it's so Golden. Not only are we highlighting a wide range of “rules” to help visitors make the most of their day in Golden, but also, well, Golden Rules!

The Golden Rules campaign is launching in August. We're anticipating great results and will share soon!


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